Hcg a blast and cruise question


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I just got off a “blast” of 500 test e. Took 500iu a week of hcg last 6 weeks of my 12 week blast. Going to cruise at 250 test for 10 weeks now. Do I continue to used HCG during cruise. Do I ever need to take a break from using HCG and if so, should I just use it in cycle and drop it while I cruise?


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You shouldn't use it while cruising except for periods where you are trying to restore fertility. If you aren't going to PCT, I don't really think there's much reason to use it on cycle either. For those that do PCT, it would be run in the final 3 weeks or so of the cycle.

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I have been blasting for 2 years now (so stupid I know) and I’m going to start cruising at around 150 test for about 10 weeks. I already have kids when I wasn’t using however I MAY want more in the future. Do you think I should run HCG whilst cruising? Or only when I’m ready to have kids and be fertile?


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hcg does not make you fertile and im just in awe of how many people really believe that... its PART of the trio that helps but hmg is the key... over use of hcg will only harm you and i see people do it ALL the time... hmg, hcg and clomid is the trio you need and you want to do that when you know you are attempting to have kids, not for prolonged periods of time.. it could take a 3-4 month cycle to do it but thats the method