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Just wanted to post some feedback on my current cycle from sarms4sale. I'm on my very first cycle using both their ostarine and cardarine and I've just made it through week 6. I must say having the gyms close down on me after week 1 or 2 was disappointing but I wasted no time and bought enough weights to make a little garage gym. I've been lifting hard and incorporating body weight exercises and doing cardio almost daily. I must say the improvement in my strength, cardiovascular endurance, and physique is very noticeable. I am very pleased so far. My daily runs have become longer and easier and I'm pushing myself much further than I have before. Definitely lost some body fat as my abs are much more pronounced. Also seem to be gaining lean muscle as well. I wish I had a before picture but I'm definitely seeing a lot of progress. Shout out to Dylan, sarms4sale, and those on the forum who have helped me so far. Will continue to update towards the end of the cycle. Here is a pic of my progress so far.
Nice brother, you are looking great. I'm glad you were able to get some weights early on in this. So many guys now either can't get anything or are paying stupid prices for them. Keep at it and let us know how you progress.
Yeah absolutely, the used equipment goes quickly and like you said people are over charging like crazy so I'm definitely glad I'm still able to lift. I appreciate it guys! I'll definitely post up with more progress later. Stay safe and healthy.
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