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Hi dylan,

i had a little bit of gyno from a young age and from my 18th till 20th i have cycled steroids (wich i dont do anymore) now i am almost 22 but over the years my gyno grew very much and when it began grewing realy bad was when i had stopt doing steroids. I have had gyno removal surgery (no lypo) 3 weeks ago and i have heard it can come back, is there any way i could make sure that is will never come back?


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If they cut out the actual gland - it's impossible to get gyno again.

If they just cut out the fat, then yes you can get gyno again


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i had the surgery brother... it was very very simple.. 45 minutes and i was awake the entire time... 4 weeks recovery but i was able to start cardio a little less than 3 weeks after surgery...