Gyno surgery


How long does it take to recover after a gyno surgery? How long until you are able to train again?

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Took me about 2wks to slowly get back in. Light weight for another 4wks then started to increase weight at week 10 for me.

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Can you do some light training during the recovery or you have stay in bed all day long.

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you definitely dont have to stay in bed... its not like that at all.. .its not painful or anything like when i just had my hernia surgery.. that fucking hurt, this is not like that.. shit, i was awake the entire procedure... you just dont want to be stupid and push it too fast... that defeats the purpose.. you do whatever you want but the difference between a week an extending it longer makes no sense to risk. i was doing the elliptical and stair climber after 2 weeks and lifting about 3 or a bit after that...
I still did cardio 2 weeks in after my gyno surgery. It wasn't THAT serious, I was out about a month from training. If it still feels sore and tender, do not push your luck. Listen to your body...
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