Gynecomastia specialist said its just fat?


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I'm 31 and just finished PCT on my second cycle(500mg a week of test e with .5mg of ADEX) . After coming off PCT i started getting hot flashes and burning in my chest so I jumped back on Nolva and is stopped but now I'm all bloated lower body fat looks higher and my chest which always had extra fat seemed to be bigger and more tender. I got bloods back which I'll share with you in the following post. This week I went to a Gyno specialist in NY convinced I had grown the gland and to my surprise he said theres just fat but no gland. Of course he still wanted me to get the lipo and take out what ever little tissue was in there....My question is, is it possible from ester rebound to just get bloated and fat but NOT get gyno even if my chest was itching for a few day?

Sorry for the long post :)

-Benny From The Bronx