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GW & S4 stack for cutting-female, when to expect results?


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Hi there!
I have been involved in a body transformation competition at the gym for almost 5 weeks. I have been doing keto for over 3 months and loving it. I started GW almost 5 weeks ago and S4 almost 4 weeks ago. I can feel the GW allowing more exertion in the gym and I can tell I am more vascular but I do not feel like I have lost as much fat as I was hoping at this point in time. About what point in time should i expect the GW and S4 combo to show fat loss results?
I have been running them as instructed (GW 20mg daily, S4 50mg in split dosing).
I have been strict on my diet and increased my workouts to 6 times a week doing a good variation of circuit training and weight lifting.
I feel I am doing what I need to do but perhaps i need to give it more time? What is your opinion on the GW/S4 cutting stack and time of results for females?
Thanks for your time!!
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IRC.Bio. Unfortunately, when I was ordering, isarms did not have GW in stock. IRC seems to be pretty reputable and the sarms taste like shit so I assume it’s good! Haha
My personal trainer says I look more defined and should be concentrating less on the number on the scale. I’m also planning to add intermittent fasting to the diet as well.


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well i dont have much of anything to good to say about them but i wish you all the best bro