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So glad I found this forum and really appreciate everyone sharing their experience and knowledge. Thank you, Dylan, for the podcast, super helpful. And thanks for the recommendation of sarms4sale. They've been awesome, and I would have quite possibly ordered garbage from some site I found with Google if I hadn't found the forum.

I'm 49 and had never tried a PED before. Started with Ostarine. Three weeks into it, no side effects, I've lost body fat and added 3/4 of an inch to my upper arm, so I'm very pleased.

My question is, as a newbie, would it be wise to just finish this cycle with just the ostarine, or would it be ok to add another? Was thinking to add LGD4033. But maybe I should just finish this cycle, check my bloodwork, and save stacking for the next cycle?

Also, I'm on trt, so not concerned about suppression.

Thanks again for everything. Really appreciate it.
yes but make sure your sarms are from umbrella or s4s
we just had a thread where a guy used fake sarms and not good1
At this point, I would only consider adding something like Cardarine or Stenabolic to the cycle being they are not suppressive and can be ran longer durations. Make sure to get the best quality possible which can be found at either Sarms4Sale or Umbrella Labs
No need to add the lgd now... save it for the next cycle... i can help you set up a good next cycle, just let me know the goals you have
I don't like changing things up mid-cycle unless it is due to negative side effects. I would rather save the LGD for your next planned cycle.
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