Got some liquid SARMS from receptorchem - use or throw away?


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Hey guys,

So before i found out out about SARMSX, I had purchased some SARMS from a site and receptorchem. I did some searching on them and found generally positive reviews, but after everything I read about fake sarms these days, I don't know whether to use them or not. What is the risk in using these liquid sarms? worst case scenario are they just underdosed/bunk, in which case there is no harm in taking it since I already bought it? or is it possible for prohormones to be added to liquid sarms?


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Worst case scenario is they are prohormones and you can suffer the side effects of said prohormones. Worst part would also be that you don't even know what prohormone is in there. You could end up shutting down your testosterone or developing gyno as a result.
Best case scenario is that they are just underdosed or bunk.

It's your call, but if it was me I would just pitch it and start over with a quality source like sarmsx. Chalk it up as a learning experience.

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👆 well said. Better to take a loss and go with proven source than to chance it and have to deal with low test and possibly gyno.

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I know I personally wouldn't take the risk. Not worth it in my opinion. You just don't know what you're really getting, and better off to go with what you know is quality legit stuff from sarmsx


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1. pick them up

2. start walking

3. put in trash

4. be thankful you did not use that bull shit