Got my pro card!


Hi all. Its been awhile since I checked in. I thought I'd see what's new around here and to announce that I won my pro card in Physique masters at the North American Masters Championship last August. I've been off cycle since the competition and, although I'm still training regularly, its been a nice break from the gear. I was 180 at the competition and around 4% bf. I'm currently 183 and just checked in a 8% bf. I'm going to compete in my first pro show next August at the same competition and hoping to come in less than 4% bf at 185lbs.

So, just wanna throw this question out to the experienced out there. I plan on getting back on cycle mid December and plan on doing two cycles between now and end of August next year. The goal is to pack on at least 5 lbs of lean muscle by next competition. My thoughts were to make the first cycle a straight up bulking cycle and bulk/comp cycle the second. I'd like to get some suggestions for both cycles. I've been cycling gear for 2 years and this will be my 4th and 5th coming up. Thanks in advance.
Congrats man!!

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Hey man congrats on the card. I'm no pro but had excellent results recomping using test, tren a, anadrol the 1st half and test, npp, and winstrol the last half of a cycle.

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