Good Sources for letro and nolva?


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I've had a bit of pubertal gyno for the last 3-4 years. It's pretty small and not super noticeable. I'm currently on my first cycle and I'm keeping it at bay with some asin a friend of mine gave me. I had ordered adex from PharmaComStore about 3 weeks ago and I've begun to assume that it either got seized by CBP, or I got gypped (Probably the former considering how many people on here praise PCS, but either way I don't think my adex is showing up). I had foolishly started my first cycle before my AI got here, assuming it would be here by the end of week 2, which is when I would need to start taking it. Luckily a good friend came in clutch and gave me asin.

However when I go on my cruise, I would like to start letro and nolva to hopefully kill the gyno, or at least get it to a point where it's not noticeable at all. What are some sources you swear by for these two?


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“taz10” for 10% off
PM for link to order