Good Labs sources?


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Do we have a good source for labwork?

I used PrivateMD Labs in the past but the tests I used to get have tripled or quadrupled in price.

I have insurance as well but no prescribing physicians.

I checked some of the threads and did a quick search and all I came up with was PMD labs.

Anyone got any information?

Thanks guys!

Side note; This is a great community. That is all.


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My family doctor does it for me once a year when I get my yearly physical. I just tell him what to add to my regular routine blood work. I used to use Private MD but I haven't had the need lately.


I use life extension. Normal under $30 for CBC and metabolic profile.
All online and get blood draw local. Very fast results 2-3 days tops.


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If u have insurance you can just make an app with any doctor and tell them what u want done I have done that in the past. The blood work is usually really cheap I was paying 10 bucks for a full hormone panel . Heads up some doctors may try an argue with about where u should be hormonally.