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Currently on 150mg/wk, from ?sources?.
Trying to get a prescription to avoid any possibility of legal issues in the future.
A few vials of test twice a year probably won?t lead to any legal issues, but with having a family it seems irresponsible.
It?s been three years since I?ve been natural, so going to the PCT route might not be my best option.
Just wanted some different opinions on going about this in an honest way.
Thinking about stopping my trt to crash test levels, then get tested by a doctor to obtain the script,
Or should I just be upfront about my use.
What?s the best way to go about this?
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It depends on where you are located and if you have to worry about insurance and things like that. Were your test levels low before you started self-TRT or did you just decide to go on?
Did my own labs and had T around 300, somewhat low. Blast and cruised for 2 years, then went on TRT.
If you go to a health or med spa and juts be upfront with the doctor he most likely will still give you the script. I know some will turn you down if you admit to using steroids but I know most won?t. The doctor at the health spa want you to get a prescription that?s how they make there money. I was upfront with my docotor and he didn?t care gave me my first legal shot of test 10 min later lol. The health spa is is way easier then your GP as they usually don?t know shit about hormone thearapy and believe that even with a low test level at 300 they say you should be fine. That?s BS I told my GP your wrong flat out lol. Anyways those health and hormone wellness spas are everywhere now so finding one should be cake.
thats really up to you... we dont know how your doctor will respond and you are just going to get a ton of varying answers depending on the person, their beliefs and personalities etc.. you are just going to have to decide your comfort level on how you go about it...
I wouod go to the endocrinologist (not a regular doctor) and just tell him your issue and the truth. 9 times out of 10 he will listen and put you on TRT if he knows you have been doing this yourself for a good while. A qualified endocrinologist will know you coming off and crashing your levels to show you qualify is pointless because its a given and accomplishes nothing but delaying care and making you feel like shit
Lots of hormone replacement doctors out there. Just do a google search. If your levels are around 300, you will have no problem getting a script(dependent on your age). I have friends who have gotten a script at an age as low as 36. To answer your question, if you qualify, it is definitely safer to have a real script for testosterone....even if you are doing 500mg or more per week of ug gear. If something were to happen and you ran in to trouble with the law and testosterone was found, that is your get out of jail free card....providing you are not caught with a large amount.
You mean the legal way... That's going to a doctor, getting your blood work done, and getting a prescription.

In my opinion it's a big hassle. I just tell my doctor I do it myself and he checks my blood levels on my yearly physical.

It really comes down to finding the right doctor. They are just people like us except with a medical degree. Just talk to your doctor about your concerns. I'm straight up with mine.
Yes it is def very easy to get a Test prescription now and days ha my brother has T levels in the 800s and my doc was still gonna hook him up with Test lol. He is also only 28 ha
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