Gelatinous or solidifying test-e?


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I went to take my robotest-e dose this morning and it had started solidifying and settling at the bottom of the vial. I shook it up and it started dispersing but I had never seen that happen before. Is it somehow getting exposed to air or something? Is it safe to still inject? Is this common?

Variables: this is my very 1st injectable cycle, and this vial was nearing the end of its contents - like maybe 500mg left if I had to guess

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It can do with a lot of factors, cold being the likely issue at this time of year.
As Robo said, shoot me a pm if you ever have any Robo questions/issues. If I can’t help you out, we’ll reach out further.


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Yea next time hit up Saiyan, Jacksteel, Robolics or myself before making a post. It's just common courtesy. Do as Robolics said and you'll be good to go.


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This time of year, that can happen. Warming up the vial as noted above is the best course of action and will take care of it.