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Frag 176-191


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Hi Dylan,

If my test monkey just ran 4 weeks of RAD140 & currently using
SR 9009
GW 501506—12 weeks

ipamorelin twice &
mod grf 1-29 twice daily

Hexerilan blend with MOG grf 1-29 on lift days

Q. Could Frag 176-191 be introduced safely at this stage? Or would he need to wait?

Also taking yohimbine and the recommended dosage of cardazsol and m1-mk from esarms.

Also on the keto deit. I would like to achieve 12% bmi I have plenty of muscle just like to harden up. I've got 19" biceps, don't need them any bigger at 47 years old.

Thank you Dylan love the YouTube show!


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bro, please dont say ridiculous things like your "test monkey" thats completely unnecessary...

you can use frag but honestly, it wont do much for you... i would honestly not waste your money and would run s4 instead... you will get way more out of it and i hate to see you waste money brother... thanks for the support on the channel as well bro!


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test monkey.. hahahahaa. i love seeing “lab rat” “test monkey” “my friend”

anyway, as Dylan said, run s4 instead, you will get better results, just make sure your getting the real stuff and is the only place i know that sells legit s4.


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I definitely have to concur with the others here in using s4 instead.

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"taz10" for 10% bonus
PM for link to order