For a BULK: morning cardio OR extra lifting session?


I am in the middle of my current AAS-assisted bulk. My plan from the beginning was to continue morning cardio throughout the bulk in order to try to keep fat gain down. Theory being, even if I have glucose/glycogen in my system, if I do steady-state, medium-intensity, longer duration cardio my body will switch over to burning fat as the fuel source via Oxidative Phosphorylation. And if nothing else, I figure the morning cardio would allow me to eat more throughout the day without making my caloric surplus too excessive.

As far as my lifting session, I do that mid-day on lunchbreak (I work in a gym). Considering I only have about a 1-hour window, I only train 1 body part per day, although I try to hit it as hard as I can during that session. But I was thinking maybe I would be better off to exchange my morning cardio session for an additional lifting session. It would allow me to hit an additional body part per day, cycle through my training split faster (as of right now I'm only training each body part once a week)... more muscle breakdown, more recovery, and ultimately growth. Also, it would obviously still burns calories, but definitely not fat, being anaerobic activity and the fact that I would make sure to get food/carbs in my system before the workout.

Thoughts? I know a lot of people think cardio during a bulk in probably counter-productive anyway. It was just my attempt to keep the bulk leaner, but I don't know how effective that strategy actually is. Might be better off to increase the weight training, at least a few times a week.


I recommend bulking now and cutting later. Focus on your goal and dial your diet in. Minimal cardio during a bulk maybe 20 - 30 minutes before training to warm up but not much more than that. Increase cardio during your cut.
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