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Lots of folks at the gym ask me what I eat. Most of the year I stay trim and low body fat. Don?t get me wrong I use to be total dad bod. Out of shape, alcoholic, 235 pound and eating what I want.
Made new live style change 3 years ago. Sober and eat the same year round.
I do eat boring but I like it and it is simple. I meal prep on Sunday for the week and eat right 6 days a week. Eat out once a week with family.
I am now 54, 185-195 7-10 percent body fat (depends on time of year).
Here is what I eat almost everyday all week long.
This 3000 calories I am currently eating in a surplus. I just adjust accordingly these items for 2500 maintenance or 2000 deficit.

Breakfast 200 calories of flavored oatmeal, 6 egg whites, 1 tbls peanut butter and sugar free pancake syrup.
Microwaved 6 minutes
468 calories
54 carbs
12 fat
42 protein

Main meals spread over 3 times a day.
550 grams of chicken breast oven cooked
3 cups veggies
2 cups brown rice
Yogurt based ranch
Cherry tomatoes
1532 cal
125 carbs
36 fat

Two protein shakes. Sometimes substitute one shake for a protein bar.
440 calories
8 carbcarbs
4 fat
96 protein

1 honey crisp apple
1 banana
3 quake oats chi late rice cakes
2.5 tbls PB fit powder
2 tbl sugar free jelly
560 calories
110 carbs
7 fat
16 protein
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I typically eat about 40 percent carbs, 40 Percent protein and 20 percent fat

When m in deficit I usually eat 30/50/20

I do have items I substitute in also.
Meats, usually in my dinners
Steak, Burgers, Tuna, salmon

Zero percent Fage yogurt with fresh blueberries or strawberries honey on top.

Avocados when I want to add fats

Toppings and Dressing
Sugar free bbq sauce
Bolt house makes yogurt based Ranch, Honey Mustard,

For me I had to make it simple. I have been on this for three years. It finally became a habit. No it is easy to eat this way. Some call it boring but for me it?s a life style. Not a diet.

I will add more stuff and try to give more details.
Suggestions, criticism, and questions are all welcome.
I hope this helps someone.
I am not a chef, nutritionist,Dr or anything special. Just a normal guy trying to eat better and live healthier.


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I have streamlined my eating style and made it simple.
For me that has made it successful and easier to maintain. I know others that are constantly planning, finding recipes or mixing things up all the time. It seems that burns a lot of folks out and they give up.
It doesn?t always work for me every day. Example is today I ended up 800 calories short of 3000. Other days I struggle to keep it on track. I use under armor my fitness pal to help me track. I eat a lot of the same thing so I don?t track every day cause I just copy the day before.
I also try for a gallon of water every day and 2 gallons in the summer.


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Look like a typo
153 grams protein over three meals
Try to get 40-50 at a time.
Not always exact
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No problem. I appreciate it. I know you guys are busy with life and all. Y?all do a great job.


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Simple is my style. Sunday I cook chicken breast for the week. Put in 2 glass 9x13 no grease or anything. Lawry?s seasoning and pepper cook 20 minutes each side 450 till 165 inside. Let cool and put 2 pieces In a sandwich ziplock.
Veggie like green beans, zucchini, squash, cauliflower, or broccoli.
Little olive oil salt pepper on parchment paper. Flat pan. 450 till done. Let cool divide into sandwich bags.
Grab paper plate and food for the day.
Dishes only on prep day.
Easy peasy! Don?t forget Tupperware in the office or car.


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So far today
Breakfast / snack 590 calories.
Flavor oatmeal 2pkg, cinnamon 6 egg whites 2 tbls jiffy natural peanut butter and no sugar syrup. Then a banana as snack.
Lunch 700 calories
200 g chicken breast. 1 cup brown rice 100 gm green beans, cherry tomatoes and bolt house ranch.
Still have 1700 more to eat today.
Feeling good. Today was meal prep for the week.


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Meal prep for week
1 hr


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And that is only a Tervis tumbler that looks like a beer.
It has sparkling water in it.
Still sober for three years and two months.