Fitness for pregnant


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was discussing how safe/unsafe different types of exercises are during pregnancy with a friend. I thought Id ask on here too.

Did you exercise throughout your pregnancy? If so, what did you do (Walking, swimming, running, free weights etc) and how often per week?

Specifically, are abdominal exercises (like crunches) bad for baby during all trimesters of pregnancy?

Did you find it helped keep weight off? With the actual birth? Staying fit beyond birth?

How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?



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I go to the gym at least 3 times a week I do a step aerobics class & 2 body pump classes (which is basically weights to music) each week. I do sit ups and push ups but I don't push myself as much as I would if I wasn't pregnant, but I was also doing these classes prior to falling pregnant. I have spoken to to my instructors and midwife and they have all said one of most important thing is to not overheat and drink plenty of fluids - & not to jump as it can weaken your pelvic floor as the baby gets heavier - just listen to your body if something doesn't feel right stop!

I'm only 13wks pregnant (3rd pregnancy) & I haven't put on much weight nor am I'm not showing yet but after 2nd pregnancy I didn't exercise at all and I put on so much weight so I'm trying to avoid it this time! I walked alot with my first pregnancy which didn't help to much with the weight (though that's probably all that junk food I ate) but I felt better for it.


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i see pregnant chicks at the gym here and there. really you need to discuss it with your doctor and i recommend a Doula as well


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I own a gym and we have many pregnant women that come in... this is something you definitely need to speak with your doctor about though... every single person is different and you definitely want to speak with your doctor about it especially as they monitor you...


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i agree with Dylan, you should speak to your doctor about it and find out your limitations toward it