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This is my first post. With that said, I hope I don't come off as too much of a newb.

36 / 5'11 / 190lbs / ~ 15% BF (currently 02/11/18)

I am a former natural B.B. but 16 years ago I got diagnosed with testicular cancer and it pretty much ended me. When I was diagnosed I was 205, 10% BF, and had been lifting for approximately 9 years straight.

My background leads me to a great knowledge of what should go in my mouth, how I should train, etc.

With that said, I started lifting again about a year and half ago, 2-3 times a week but due to being a business owner I wasn't 100% consistent in making it every single week. Then, last October I got started and haven't missed for the last 18 weeks.

I had noticed over the last several years that I was experiencing many signs of Low T, obviously I have half the equipment down stairs as others on the board so this made sense to me. I got some Sus and ran a 12wk 500 mg / M & Th cycle.

I went off for 2 weeks but after reading decided that instead of PCT I would run a TRT of 125mg/ M & Th.

My frist question would be: What is everyone's opinion of this decision? I have not ran blood work as I don't have the insurance due to outragous pricing bc of my former condition.

My second question is: I'm looking to run my 2nd cycle, a cut cycle, to include 400mg Cyp and, either, 400mg Tren + 50 mg Anavar ed or just 50 mg Anavar - what would you all suggest? I suspect most will say don't add the Tren at this time. Please include in your answer how much arimidex you would include?

With all that said, I've noticed that the addition of Sus and the decision to take the TRT route vs the PCT has been good for me. Obviously this based on how I feel only.

I was very lethargic, gaining a large amount of undesired fat, etc. before I started and I couldn't get that little edge I needed.

I look forward to the responses.


PS: Maybe my situation will help others that have been through the same things as myself.
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Hey bro, welcome to isarms.
In my opinion, you should have consulted a qualified endocrinologist before jumping on TRT. That’s a lifelong commitment, it’s not something you do just because you “feel” you have low test...


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my opinion is thats horrible, just horrible.. you never rand bloodwork and dont even know if you needed it man... then you propose a second cycle with tren? you are just flat out wreckless from what you are showing man, just so wreckless... you should be seeing an endocrinologist.. you are making poor decision after poor decision and its only getting worse


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I'm sure you realize your decision to go on TRT in your 30's is premature and will affect you for the rest of your life. Tren for a 2nd cycle is not recommended at all. It's for cycles farther down the road. I waited until my 8 th cycle. You need to take a step back and stop the wreckless behavior.


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Thanks for the replies.

Let me say when I was 29 I had my level's checked and then I was at low normal. It was with my general prac doctor and he said he would hold off as long as I could.

Also, let me add: I've been within the same women for 12 years. I can't think of a time we tried to not get pregnant and it has NEVER even been a close call which tells me that either I have issues of sterility from the cancer or the prohormones I used in my teens/20's.

That said. Stop the 125 and PCT for a few weeks before starting 2nd? OR, see endo before moving forward, or move run 2nd with anavar only?

First was 12 weeks - 2 weeks off, and last 3 weeks at 125.

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