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Hello Mr.Gemelli I could use some advice. I was about to go on my first cycle, a Test only cycle (the usual 500mg a week for 12 weeks) but I have found that in many cases users found that hey wish they had used SARMS as an interim type of deal before they got into the real stuff (not to say that SARMS aren't). I know you are constantly in support of SARMSX as a resource for such things and as someone who is not exactly made of money I'm a bit hesitant. I was wondering if you would be able to maybe go outside of your usual comfort zone and tell me cheaper resources this just as much credibility or prove that it is more than just shameless advertising. This would be quite the investment and I just want to make sure that it delivers so do not take my time as disrespectful or a "oh yee of little faith" situation. As far as stats go: I'm 21 (turning 22 in January), 5'10", 160lbs.
I powerlift and my current numbers are:
Deadlift: 560
Bench: 290
Squat: 485
I'm looking for something to get these numbers up and give me a slight edge while also increasing my performance as a runner (100m,200m) I was really wondering if you could help me out with giving me an honest testimonial and even a cycle plan to achieve my goals.


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sarmsx is the best quality you are going to find... i'll lay you out a cycle and you go with whomever you like man... when someone is selling things too cheap, there is a reason and its not a good one... thats up to you to take the chance on that...

what do you mean honest testimonial? thats all i ever give so are you insinuating otherwise?