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First Cycle Questions


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Hello Dylan,

I hope you are well?

I would like some advice about how to best take Turinabol as a complete beginner and someone who has never done steroids. I have read loads and loads of information online about various different steroids and I have decided Turinabol is what I would like to try first. This is due to the smaller amount of side effects and it is regarded as far less potent than others.

I can’t seem to find any info on how much testosterone you should take whilst cycling TBOL. Do you have any suggestions? For my first 6 week cycle I was considering only taking 30mg to see how my body responds. I’m gonna do this from a mindset set of less is more initially.

I have read a lot of contradictory Information which states that when you do T-Bol for 6 weeks max you don’t need any test. But then seasoned users of steroids advise that you should run test along side it? What are your thoughts on this?

Any other recommendations on how I can best cycle T-Bol as a beginner would be welcome


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What is your age, body fat percentage, and training experience?


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you have this ALL wrong... you should not do an oral only cycle whatsoever and literally, if you paid me, i would not advise it... if that tells you anything

what are your stats? age/height/weight/body fat?
Hey man, all this is wrong... take some real world advice and not to rain on your dreams BUT before you start messin with hormones really contemplate how one gets the most out of a cycle and how you can do it safely. Don’t come on here asking stupid questions with what sounds like you have zero understanding. Stay a while , listen up , read and if anything get a strong base and learn all the fundamentals before a cycle. How old are you btw? If you’re in your teens or even near that don’t even think about it period. So drop your info stats or just hang around learn then ask an intelligent question.


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In all the research I have done, I have found that test is best. Test only should be your first cycle. And if you are not ready to stick yourself, then you probably are not ready to use gear. I have been shooting test for TRT for almost two years. It gets easier every injection. Also, I was going to add tbol for my first blast, but I dislike the sides of orals vs injectables. How old are you, btw?