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First Cycle Questions


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I'll get straight to the point. I'm 25 years old, been working out on and off since I was 16. Currently around 75kgs and 188cm tall (about 165lbs and 6'2). Was always rather thin since I always had trouble putting in weight. I've been off the gym for a few months and I'm 50-50(reasons why down below) about trying a newbie cycle a while after I get back to it. I've tried some orals in the past and got a pinch of gynecomastia on the nipples which is barely visible to everyone but me.

I have two issues. One, I'm susceptible to acne. I have scalp acne and oily skin in general. I'm currently using isotretinoin(accutane) for it, which is hard on the body on its own(tendonitis is one of the side effects). If I cycle while treating it I'm worried that it'll make it worse, thus needing a higher dosage of isotretinoin. And if I cycle whenever it's gone, I'm worried if I'm going to relapse. Although from what I've heard and read over the years, is that it gives you the so called backne(did I type it right?), but since my body is what it is I wonder if I'll have scalp acne again.
Two, alopecia. Since I turned 20 my hairline has been slowly receding. I wonder how much hair loss I'll experience with test.

All things considered. I'm thinking about a 250mg or 300mg /week of test cyp for around 8 weeks to minimize side effects and see how my body reacts to it. Then PCT with nolvadex. Also, should I include it during the cycle? I'd prefer if my nipples stayed the same size.

Tell me your thoughts on the acne, hair loss and the cycle. Thanks.
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i dont see anyone recommending you to use steroids when you are at a point where you could easily gain 30-40 lbs naturally... you are way too undersized for your height to use steroids... i know im not recommending it and if you paid me i still wouldnt