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Hey guys, I wanna start my cycle soon. I've been doing research for a while now but still have some questions with all this overload of information. FYI I am 5'4 , weight 154 and have a BF of 8-9%. Ive been working out my whole life but actually gotten serious at weight around 2 and half years ago. My goal is to get bigger and look aesthetic. Currently I've gained 35 pounds of muscle but want to get bigger. I wanna see myself at 165, 175, and just maybe 185 depending on how I look will stay at a certain weight. I know the risks involved and I wanna say I want to stick to THE LOWEST side effect steroids. and yess I am gonna run PCT plus SARMS to be on the safe side plus having blood work done. I'm thinking of running Test, and anavar to bulk up, then maybe later run something on the low side effect area to cut down or can I use anavar for that? any other suggestions for cutting down or bulking up with the lowest side effects? Yess I know every single one has consequences but I wanna stay at at the low side of the spectrum. Other than ESTERS, I don't know what TEST to run for a beginner. The last and MOST important question that I have is: WHAT does the amount of a certain substance affect your gains or what exactly does it affect? bigger, less quantities? What do bigger quantities actually do. My plan was to start at the lowest amounts and then over a period of time bump it up, since i would only be using SOME steroids. I'm also thinking of stacking and need help on how that differs.I know I sound like a newbie but I wanna do this right before starting anything. I appreciate if anyone has any advice on this, PM me or leave a post, Thank you.
At your height, unless you have a really stocky build, getting over 170 at 8-9% will probably be pretty hard.
What did you do diet and training wise to gain 35 lb of muscle? How long did it take to gain 35 pounds of muscle?
Ya that height and 8-9% is big. People don't realize how big that is. Shaun Clarida is about that tall and his stage weight is around 170 and he is fucking massive
I’ve been taking vitamins, fish oils, glutamine, protein, eat 8 to 9 times a day, taking in 3700 calories in, eating mostly protein, chicken everyday, make eggs smoothies, get at least 2 fruits in, drink. Eating as much as I can. Sleep 7 hours. Training wise I go every day for at least an hour, when I don’t work I got for maybe 2, I only rest when my body ask for it. Take BCAAS and sometimes preoworkout. I target a muscle group each day maybe 2 with energy. I skip from a compound exriwce to isolating movements.
It took me maybe 9 months, That was after i took things more serious, before it slowly increased but those lbs were in 9 months
25 yrs old is the minimum age we will advise on steroids here bro... You have a few years yet to go.
If you gained 35 pounds....of 9 months, that's about a pound a week.....of muscle.

Then you don't need to change a thing.
no way on the planet earth anyone here is advising a 21 year old anything whatsoever with steroid use involved
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