FIRST CYCLE EVER. Intention: Less bulk, more shred & avoid acne. Advice?


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Stats: 6'2" 202lbs, 37yo. Approx 11% body fat right now.
Cardio: Running Intermittent Fasting, HIIT Cardio about 4x/week.
Resistance: Lifting 5x-6x/week.
Diet: High Protein, Low Carb, Calorie Deficit with Carb Cycling & one cheat meal once every 10 days.
History: I've tried HGH from anti-aging clinic. Gained about 7lbs of beef (and bones). Never AAS. Looking to take it to the next level.

Everyone is telling me because this is my first cycle, I need to keep it simple. No Primo, No orals, Just Test. This was reccommended:
1-12 Testosterone (Cypionate or Enanthate) @ 350-400 mg per week.
1-12 Aromasin @ 12.5 mg every other day.

The issue is I don't wanna get much bigger and looking to maintain my size + shred. I'd prefer to avoid side effects of Test especially acne.

My questions are:
How can I gain less & shred more on a Test cycle?
If that comes down to diet, any ideas what that eating plan would look like?
What steps can I take, if any to reduce acne symptoms while taking test?

Thanks a ton guys. Very grateful for the advice.

i guess i dont see the point whatsoever in using steroids if you dont want to get any size whatsoever and just really are more aimed at cutting.. it doesn't make any sense at all... steroids are not used for weight loss and you are going to get some size with pretty much anything you run so why do you even want to use it? sarms would be a far better option and make a fuck of a lot more sense... this just doesn't make any sense based on your goals... if you hired me to consult, i would tell you to not even consider it based upon the goals that you have
Thx for the advice Dylan,

I'm ok with adding another 5, maybe 8lbs of solid mass, but def wanna lose body fat.
As I've mentioned, my diet is on point, but I do have some stubborn abdominal fat and I really want to cut it which is why I was looking into Primo and Anavar originally cuz I've researcghed they're clean and excellent shredders. But i'm told first cycle is always test, period. So if I understand correctly, here's the rules of roids:

1) To get to Primo & Anavar, I should be smart and run a 10 week Test Cycle first.
2) If that goes well, when the time is right I could begin to experiment with a low Test, Primo & Anavar cycle.

Otherwise, as far as SARMS, feel free to make any reccommendations. I'm def open.
brother, im not trying to be a dick but if you ask about primo and anavar again, i simply cant help you... seriously... its getting out of hand now and you are hoping to get some sort of different answer, like at this point, i have to step away from pure frustration of you not listening...
Primo and anavar aren't going to burn fat anyways. That info is broscience. Stick to a test only cycle and add sarms to it to burn fat. S4 and gw would be the perfect ones to add to a test cycle
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