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Finaplix by itself


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Hello, after hitting a plateau I want to add more size, so I was thinking of doing 6 to 9 weeks of finaplix , I have two questions: 1. taking it by itself will give me results or it is necessary to stack with test? 2. how bad is it going to affect my sex drive? Thanks for replies.


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Finaplix or trenbolone as we all know it, can he used by itself but will work much better with testosterone added,amber even some dianabol for the first 4 weeks too would be good.


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Trenbolone alone can hinder your libido a lot, and it will reduce it even more after the cycle will be over. In any case, it is much better to stack it with testosterone for better results, and some oral kick-starter, such as Dbol. Also, I would recommend using some good liver supporting supplements, as both Dbol and trenbolone are liver toxic. Finally, make sure to be using an Ai from the first day of the cycle. Aromasin would be the idea choice of AI for the cycle.

P.S. Trenblone can increase prolactin levels, so you should keep on hand some cabergoline in order to control that issue.

P.S.S. Add some Cardarine GW-501516 to the cycle, and you will not regret it. More than anything because it will greatly reduce most of trenbolone's side effects, as well as adding a lot of quality to the cycle. It will greatly increase your endurance, recovery and cardio performance without any side effects at all.