Final Umbrella Labs Cycle Pics!


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I have just completed one of my most successful cycles I have ever ran considering all of the things I have been going through, still not getting anywhere even remotely close to the amount of calories I need to be taking it, yet still managed to make this type of progress... A net gain of 10 lbs. on this cycle from 167 to 177 with literally no gain in body fat at all and possibly a reduction (I have not tested yet but it definitely looks like a leaner body througout) My strength has gone through the roof from where it was... I was able to get 225x10 on my bench this week which I have not done in several years and every single lift has gone up extremely substantially.... The Umbrella Labs products are far beyond the real deal and the pictures and results back that up... Thank you to everyone for the huge amounts of support and encouragement throughout... I will be running another stack in the coming months as well... I have yet to decide what I will go with but I am sure it will be another great one!! THANK YOU again to everyone!

Here is my before and after side by side

You are such an inspiration sir! Thank you so much for providing us all your insight and experiences! This is true motivation!
Wow, that is great progress brother. You are truly an inspiration. And it also shows the quality of the products of our sponsors.
bros Dylan looks amazing before AND after, love the tats
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