Final blood work from a 14 week Sustanon 250/Deca/T-Bol Cycle *pictures*


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Hey guys just got my blood work results from my doctor this morning and thought I would share. I am 25 on TRT from a medical condition that was diagnosed about a year and a half back so my blood work will be extremely individual to me but I thought this might help people who are interested in these compounds. I am prescribed 125mg of test a week and figured I would run a decent cycle throughout the winter. This cycle consisted of 1-14 500mg of Sustanon a week 1-14 400mg of Deca and 1-5 45mg of T-Bol a day. To say the least my body took these compounds extremely well with minimal side effects, the biggest and only was acne on my shoulders and back. My result were checked over by my TRT doctor, he is unaware of me using other compounds as to avoid being released from the program but has seem nothing out of the normal to question my results. I did have blood work done before I started the program but did not print them out but my testosterone was extremely low around 3.0-3.5 were the range is 8.4-28.8 in my region. Which is why I am on TRT at a very young age and I have had no previous AAS experience before entering this program and was a natural lifter for many years until I became ill and If anyone has every suffered with low testosterone you can understand what I mean by ill.

SO my results
*range is based on my geographical region, ranges will very from place to place*

Hemoglobin 166 range 135-165
Hematocrit 0.505 range 0.385-0.495
Triglycerides 1.76 range 0.60-1.70
HDL 0.60 range 1.00-1.60
LDL 2.39 range 1.70-3.00
Testosterone 41.5 range 8.4-28.8
Free Test 1145 range 196-636

Full results uploaded via pictures

I was extremely worried about my results waiting for the doctor to enter. He was happy with the results and said there was nothing to worry about but did say I am "over saturated" in testosterone..... clearly. he dropped my TRT dose to 100mg a week and bloods again in 4 months. My HDL is low but that is expected but im hoping everything will go back to normal over the next 4 months. I do not plan to cycle until after the next blood work.
Not sure what else to add to this post but if anyone has any questions I will continue to monitor and will answer accordingly.

Thank You


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