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Hello guys. My wife has been on Anavar before and really not seen massive strength gains or definition. She?s been off right now and currently in pretty good shape. We are considering having her take 15mg if Test 1 a week and 30mg of masteron every 3 days and include winni. Is this a good cycle for her? She?s 127lbs 5?5? current body fat of 19-20%. After reading about these components me and my wife also got interested in the fact that it might increase her libido because even though our sex life is descent we have definitely noticed a decrease in her interest for it. Any advice helps. Thank you.
I would not recommend any of those steroids for a female. If she wasn't making gains on anavar then something was up with either her diet, training, or the var itself. I would recommend sticking to more female friendly steroids like anavar or primo if she competes. If not then have her try a SARMs stack.
fuck no thats not good at all man... fuck no... test and mast? no, just no... what are you doing ? thats your wife bro... come on man... anavar is one thing, maybe even a low dose of primo... that should be it on steroids... i guess i can see winstrol but dont like that on females either... look at sarms man... thats your wife!
I read on a post here that some guys have given their girls a low dose like 15mg a week just to increase libido
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