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This is weird. I'm on TRT 200 mg a week, 1 mg of arimidex a week. Last August 2016 I took a blood test and my estrogen came back 5.5 which is very low. Apparently I'm not as estrogen sensitive as others. So, I started to take the arimidex less frequently. However, the compounding lab started to mix the arimidex in with the test cyp. I was pissed because I don't need that much arimidex and now with it mixed in I can't avoid taking it.

I actually lowered my test dose the last month or so to 100-120 mg. Yesterday, I took my annual blood test. I was worried my estrogen would be severely low. However, it came back at a healthy 21.0. I'm wondering how in the hell it jumped from 5.5 to 21.0 a year later? Now, the only thing I did different was throw in 200mg of deca with the 200mg of test cyp. That was started in May and I ran it for 12 weeks. I've been off for around 5 weeks. Would deca affect my estrogen that much to raise it to 21.0 from 5.5? Like I said, for the last 5 weeks I dropped my TRT test dose to 100-120.

Second, I am very low in iron. My red blood cells do get elevated on TRT and I've been donating for many years. Could it be from all the years of donating that I'm becoming anemic? If this is true I'm kinda in a catch 22. I have to donate to keep my red cells in normal range, yet I'm aggravating an iron deficiency. BTW, I have no physical side effects. I'm not lethargic or rundown.

Any feedback is appreciated.
So a pharmaceutical company or UGL started mixing Arimidex into the carrier oil with testosterone?? That sounds absurd bro.. I'm no chemist but sounds flat out wrong.

If you stopped taking arimidex wrongfully assuming that its now in your test shot then your estro could have easily risen to a 21 without any anti E at a 125mg a week shot.

Yes, the compounding lab that mails my test cyp mixes the arimidex with the test. This is through my TRT doctor.
If you lowered your test dose, it also subsequently would lower your arimadex if it's mixed in and that is likely the reason your estrogen rose
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