Dr. Called.......blood bad.


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So I take cruise TRT dose of test cypionate 1 CC a week. I've been on cycle for 7 weeks now of 500mg test cyp, stacking (Sarms) Rad-140, YK-11 and MK-2866. My test levels are 3 times normal, ( didnt give me actual number ) said my LDL Cholesterol is 130 should be 94 ish. I'm looking at kidney failure if I dont stop.....and I have a wedding In 4 weeks. I dont feel bad, I look better than ever. I'm 54 weighing 245lbs 6'1. I'm just sharing cause I'm aggravated. I intended to stop late June anyways but may have to pull the plug now. Thanks for letting me vent here it's been a while but got no where else to go.
Sorry to hear that bro. How is your diet? Maybe you can bring those cholesterol levels down with fish / krill oil and good fats? I'm only 29 and unfortunately have higher cholesterol and kidney issues because of all the damn protein I used to eat in college. I don't have any experience with TRT, what did your doctor advise?
Take time off, clean up your diet. GW-501516 (Cardarine) can really help with your lipids.
Add hour of cardio, tudca, and SamE and bring test down to 400mg a week. How is your estrogen? Diet? Imagine your holding onto a bunch of water. Cardio will help immensely.
You should be able to drop the test down especially since you are taking all the SARMS. To be honest 500mg a test is not necessary especially for guys at your age. I?d like to see what your levels were at you should request a copy of
Your labs. Are you taking any supplements for health? Did he say anything about your RBC?

Fish oil
Hawthorn berry
Astragalus (for kidney health) since sounds like you need it

These are the bare essentials IMO
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