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Hey guys I am JasonPriest, but most people call me JP around the forums. I am an official representative for

If anyone needs help with picking the right products off their website feel free to hit me up. I am always here.

Domestic-supply has been a great source on several forums and they are always there to help everyone and ship fast
Domestic Supply is the very best out there, and I can tell you they are my exclusive, GO TO source !
Glad to have JP on the team. Domestic-Supply is who I recommend 100% and have for some time now. Best products, customer service, and lightning fast shipping!
Please take a look at domestic-supply in the banner. Greg runs a first class outfit and they will take great care of you. tell them JP sent ya!
Hey guys I'm bumping this thread to remind you that domestic-supply is a vetted and approved source on the biggest forums out there. check out the website
Domestic Supply has a huge selection of name brands offering extremely fast and discreet domestic shipping!
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