Does masteron have any value to someone 15% body fat or above?


My cycle was mastron prop 600 mg a week test 400 mg and deca 500 mg with arimedix and nolvedex every 5 days . Ran dbol 20mg for 6 weeks and then superdrol injectable after the dbol for 6 weeks then when coming off I ran test only with hcg the whole time on cycle .

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Im not currently having estrogen issues, I was just considering mast and low dose dianabol to keep the gains drier and make some strength gains (still taking adex.) Im just looking to plan my next cycle really well by asking alot of questions. The unfortunate part of this is that theres a ton of conflicting information and also alot of people regurgitating the same stuff based on things they've read, not from experience. Also alot of "information" that's usually just marketing. I like this forum so far though.

Are you gyno prone? How much mast are you wanting to use? The only problem with this is that using an AI and masteron together can crash one’s estrogen if you aren’t very careful. I would for sure not do high doses of both mast AND arimidex. You’ll regret it if you do, unless you’re extremely “estrogen sensitive” or gyno prone.