Diversified Protein?


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Do you guys feel it's important to have a variety of different protein sources in your diet? I'm about to bulk, and my plan is to make one meal egg protein, one red meat protein, one chicken protein, and the other seafood protein.

The yolk in eggs is super nutrient dense and the whites are excellent protein. Red meat is packed with vitamins and minerals. Seafood is Omega packed. And I guess chicken is just chicken.

It's very common to see people just eating the same thing over and over, so I wonder if I'm just over thinking. It's not uncommon to see people just eating chicken and broccoli all day..
thats not really necessary as long as you are getting it in your diet. You have to see for yourself what works best for you but what you are saying isnt necessary. Now, you want to get your omegas etc. in but in terms of the protein coming from different forms, that wouldnt be something you need to do per se... I just dont like people depending solely on powders for all their intake... they are definitely helpful, useful and beneficial however some think they can just depend on them and thats not good either...

you are 100 % over thinking though
look for the quality of your protein

what the animal ate, how it lived are important.

red meat for example is a huge disparity. cattle that was soaking in sun outside and eating fresh grass is superior to the corporate farm trash beef sold at walmart or a typical supermarket
It is always good to get in different types of protein but I do agree with Dylan and Steve and it does seem you are over thinking things on this. That is okay as it is good to look at things from different angles and ask questions
Diversity can also help to make sure you don’t get sick of the taste mentally