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Whats the meal plan for my bros out there running Test, primo & Anavar. Does the diet change when Anavar is entered into the Mix? Would love to see & read more experienced "menus" from the Bros.
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that is all goal dependent and that takes serious time to customize meal plans for each individual... ive been a certified nutritionist over 10 years and anyone that ever wants a TRUE meal plan has to spend serious time customizing one etc... people can always post their own for people to see but in no way does that mean it correlates to the next person... thats why all these years you never see me posting random meal plans etc... its fine to compare and look but i NEVER base diets based upon someone else's... its fun to read and see differences but implementation is an entirely different story
It’s all user dependent but on any AAS you’d want a healthy diet. But under that cycle, you’d want to have your caloric intake below maintenance because that cycle is made for cutting (and isn’t cheap!) so you don’t want to mask the cutting properties of it by having a bad diet.
On a cycle like that, I would personally eat in a small deficit because the compounds will help to preserve muscle and you theoretically could get really shredded up nicely!
As usual, Dylan nailed it here. Your diet for your particular goals is an ongoing science experiment. You maintain a certain level of caloric intake with a specific break down of carbs and protein. You use the scale and mirror to make adjustments and continue the process.

The gear will support your journey, but it is all down to training and diet...
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