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DGA dose question



Starting week 9 of my RAD 140/GW cycle (20mg each, Sarms4sale). Feeling good, muscles hard, libido hard. Time to add DGA that I just got from Amazon through the link Dylan posted. Question - at 155lbs and 57 years old, is there any reason to deviate from the recommended dosage on the bottle (5 pills/day) or should I just go with what it says? Do I take them all at once or space out during the day? At 150 pills it's a perfect 30 day supply. Thanks in advance.


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Also sorry missed the other question yes all 5 caps at same time is fine. If you want you can split them up into 2 doses but dont think you will see much difference to be honest.


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follow the bottle instructions bro... the only thing you need to know is you should take with food...