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Deca for joint problems - dosages? Alternatives?


Some years ago I have seriously injured by rotator cuffs (had a surgery on them, as they got partially torn). So I let them recover for several months, and now I am back to the gym. In the beginning everything seemed to go well, but after several weeks of training my shoulders started to hurt like hell during training, which obviously limits me in the gym. Have been advised to use deca durabolin for my joints, because it is supposed to help in this kind of situation, but I am a bit weary of using it. Did anybody have this kind of problems before, and how did you solve them?


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Forget about Nandrolone for this problem. You need to get on a stack of Ostarine and Mk-677 for about 3 months straight and that will surely help a lot . Forget about deca for joint repair it is not nearly as effective as Ostarine or mk-677.


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This is a huge misconception that nandrolone based steroids can be used to treat joint problems. They can indeed reduce a bit the inflammation, hence decreasing the pain, but they do not actually repair and heal the joints. As a result, you may keep on stressing the joints that are not completely recovered, which will lead to nagging injuries. Better use something that will actually repair and heal the joints, such as Ostarine MK-2866. It has a scientifically proven ability to greatly improve the healing and recovery processes of the joints and bones. Besides, you won't have to deal with the side effects associated to steroids, as Ostarine has no side effects at all. Use 25 mgs per day for 12 weeks, and you will be amazed with the improvements.