Dbol question with estrogen


Hey bros start with my stats
5"7 ,206lbs , 11 %bf , 34 yrs old training 8 years .
Second cycle last was test 500 deca 400
Ai-aromasin liquids 1ml eod caber-half ml eod . These products were bought before I was on isarms .

So when I bought my second cycle I was given liquid dbol I left it out of the cycle cause I wasn't comfortable with it . I felt I was to estrogen sensitive that's why I was running my ais high . They also could have been under doses which I think.
So is it possible to not get high estrogen running dbol ? Cause I just got out of pct 3 weeks ago from my last cycle and estrogen was somewhat high even then was 48 ,37 being high .

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High/low estrogen is user dependant..U may get high numbers off 300mgs and I may not. That's why u get bloods precycle and midcycle so u can monitor what's going on
Yes I did pre and mid which I was good then in pct I switch to aromasin from ag-guys shit I thinks was under dosed for sure I feel

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Plan in another month to get full bloods for recovery so I can do next cycle

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Ag guys is not a good source at all bro, so I'm sure that contributed to your issues
Yea I just bought a new aromasin from a source on here pill form to bring my levels Down on his stuff now

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