Cycle question


243 pounds
15% body fat
28 years old
8th cycle (Ive run every compound, pretty much)

Currently running:
500MG Test Cyp
600MG EQ
50MG Proviron ED
12.5MG Aromasin EOD

I feel like Im leaning out and looking better every week but want some bigger muscular gains.

I really want to add something else in, Im thinking test prop? Or would that be pointless to add in test prop when youre already running test cyp?

Im definitely going to add some Tren E in the next 4 weeks.

What else do you guys think I can add if Im looking for a clean bulk.
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neither... you certainly dont need more test... thats completely unnecessary and makes no sense at this point and neither would "throwing in" tren 4 weeks which is not something you ever just throw in... dont get greedy and end up ruining your cycle with side effects... you could add a sarm in like s4 or s23 to really lean out more and harden up etc..
If you are already leaning out and looking to add muscle it may just be a simple adjustment to diet and not the gear. You will have to start eating more food if you want to gain.
I wouldn't add anything else for this cycle, I would finish it and make the next one with other compound and higher doses. What's your goals
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