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What's up Dylan. Long time follower! Think your vids are great and I feel confident in everything you say. I'm thinking about using powdered form sarms for the first time. Always used liquid or caps in the past. Ran a bunch of cycles before and always had success with each cycle. My question is how is the best way to use the powdered form? Take it straight up which I have no problem w doing...Mix with food or water? At the same time... I'm also thinking about running my first test cycle of 250 a week for 12 weeks? Only test.... Never took test or any type of steroid ever. Was gonna take it with a armotasine inhibitor and dht blocker called testolyze or a generic type of propecia. I'm 38. 5'8 175. Around 15% body fat. Been in the gym from high school on. I know how to work out and have pretty good routine and go hard on my workouts. But I've recently tore my pec in a football game and have been out the gym now 3months. That's why my body fat went up to 15 from 9. Not trying to be a bodybuilder but want to have some size and definition. Im a dad,a coach and active in sports and gym. I had a physical last yr with the dr telling me I am low normal with my test and estrogen was normal. Didnt see the exact number for my test level. So I'm debating on staying with sarms or switching to test? Since I've been out the gym 3 months. Fell out the groove. Was thinking test for faster results of course lol being in patient now I know lol and due to my age and test level. I'm not asking you to tell me what to do but your opinion. Thanks Dylan!
i honestly dont know what you are doing here... why would you use an ai and a dht blocker? that makes no sense.. sarms dont convert to estrogen and do not cause you to lose hair... what you decide to run is up to you, i cant make that decision for you... it really depends on what you think you are ready for but if you have been out of the gym for 3 months, you need to wait until you get back in there consistent before you run anything
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