Cycle idea


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Was wanting to try something different.
Some of this I have tried, but never a primo oral. Or primo at all. Not sure of dosages or time primo oral can be ran. Was thinking

TRT I am on
1-12 Gw
1-12 primo oral
1-6 Tbol

Any thoughts? I normally do Sarms since I am a puss and can?t self inject. ( call it like it is). I have used TBol. I have used some brand of Tbol with results and others without. The brand I had best results with is gone.
Didn?t want to mess with anadrol, superdrol, or dbol.
Winny is still on my thinking list.

Thanks for everyone thoughts and time.
I ordered my next sarm cycle when s4s had that amazing Christmas deal 40 percent off. I was just tossing around some ideas. I appreciate everyone?s thoughts.
Have a great new year.
Headed to the gym
I mean if on trt I?d try yk11 or s23 or maybe stack tbol with lgd and rad140?
Yes I am on trt
My next cycle is gw, YK11 s23 and sr9009
Some time I do a Tbol kick start first 6 week.
These Sarms are pretty strong so I might do the Tbol stand alone with gw later.
We shall see
Sorry I didn?t understand original question.
Dr trt.
I go in every week and nice nurse does it for me.
No problem yea it?s tough getting used I just said fuck it though and gluten injections are pretty easy
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