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Cycle help


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hi i had couple questions regarding my next cycle
I was thinking about doing 8week test tren Masterson cycle.
I am 30y young 11% BF and been lifting for 12 years and i have done test and tren few times in the past but its my first time taking masterone

Test prop 150mg/w
Tren ace 300mg/w
Masterson prop 450mg/w
Provision 50mg
Carderine 20mg

Arimidix .5mg x 3
Caber on hand

What kind of dosage should I take for arimidex and caber on this cycle I m very prone to estrogen and also if is it okay to take proviron and caber together I was gon take proviron to combat tren dick and caber for progesterone side effect.

Also beside proviron is it okay to take carderine as well i heard it goes well with tren to combat the side effects.
Thanks in advance guys.


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cardarine is a MUST with tren man so definitely add that... you can get it at

you shouldnt need much arimidex if any with 150 mg of test... you probably wont need caber but i would have it on hand... you can use it if you want but i wouldnt use a lot... .25 mg e3d should be more than enough


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Everything looks good to me. I doubt you will even need the arimidex if you are running masteron, proviron, and a lower test dose. Just keep it on hand. Same as the caber.