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Hi I seen you YouTube videos great info I would like to see what you ha e to say about what I would like to ask so I wanted to use Trestalone n letrozole n not a clue yet as post cycle but before I use this I have a none alcoholic fatty liver n my alt n ast are a little on the high side Dr said lose the weight well I did I hit black ice put my car into the wall at 70 n fucked my back I went form 320 now at 250 n would like to try something n like to see what you would say sorry I do have learning disabilities so I'm speaking through Google right now any questions message me back my father used to be a bodybuilder my uncle did as well they use steroids in the late 70s 80s and early 90s the many competitions and st. Paul Minneapolis so I understand that there's always a risk but they're no longer here that I can ask so any information would greatly be appreciated even if it's negative thank you for everything that you do God bless you


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Bro, I'm sorry but you are not ready or in the right condition for steroid use whatsoever. What is your full stats, goals, and experience?


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hey bro, im sorry but i could never recommend steroid use for you... you are nowhere near the right condition nor mindset for steroid use at all... i also have an extremely hard time understanding a paragraph with no punctuation whatsoever bro... im slammed with questions and so translating is not something i have time for but from what i can make out, you should never use steroids... sarms may be an option for you..

if you are not familiar with sarms, start with articles here…

let me know and im happy to help you set up a sarms stack…