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So i am watching your youtube videos lately and your amazing. I have some questions to ask i am going to run a 4 week dbol only cycle so as you said you need information about anyone before you can suggest anything so here it is(i have also attached my diet during cycle and my dbol cycle):
Age :20
Height : 5 feets 9 inchs
Weight : 71 kgs
Arms : 14 inchs(left) 13.7 inchs(right)
Waist: 30 inchs( i am thin)
I have been working out more than an year now i have got some gains i am a hard gainer but i gained a lot of training exprience
So i have questions that
Q1 what should be the dosage of nolvadex and ostarine for pct?
Q2 should i use any DHT inhibitor during cycle if so which one and at what dosage?
Q3 do you have suggestions for my cycle?


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first, i would NEVER advise someone your age to use steroids... literally, if you paid me, i would not advise you on this.. next, oral only cycles are horrible and another thing i would never advise