Cycle goals - How do you vary your workouts and diet???


Hello everyone.

Dylan has provided many compound cycles here on the board that vary, depending upon if a person's goal is bulking, recomping, or cutting.

My question to the board is, do you drastically change up how YOU work out when your goals vary between these three targets, or are you MOST concerned with your diet (surplus calories - bulk, maintenance calories - recomp, deficit calories - cut)???

I know for myself, I tend to change up both diet and the exercise comparing a cut cycle versus a bulk. Diet-wise, cutting calories is a must and as I get older (I'm 52 now), is more important than the aerobic activity increase. Upping my protein macro % is also crucial, as is cutting back on my fat content (probably due to my decades of running and swimming during my youth and early adulthood).

Exercise-wise, I still try to maintain stength by performing one major lift per workout (Squat, Incline Bench, Deadlift, TBar Row) via sets of 5 reps, but then up my reps on all accessory lifts (~15-20reps) and keeping my rest periods shorter (~1 to 1:30).

Without getting too specific (because I know that borders on "free-coaching") what do the rest of you all do?


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it takes everything... of course if you are bulking you need to change your workouts to at least a more hypertrophy based type of training if not just straight power training.. these are defined in the nasm model if you want to see them on paper but there are different methods of volume and intensity that of course are more conducive to gaining size... just like if you are cutting, you likely want to go with a higher volume, less weight type of training with less rest in between sets...