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Cycle advice as my gym is opening 5/7/20


Hey guys, I?m planning my next cycle as gyms are opening up here where I live. I?d like some feedback and suggestions. I?m on TRT and this probably my 5th cycle.
Goals are lean bulking. 6?1. 42yrs 233lbs 16%bf

Initial Plan
12 weeks. Test 200mg/week. -I?ve gotten to where this is all test I need.
12 weeks NPP 300mg/week.
12 weeks GW 20mg
AI every three days
12 weeks All in 1 cycle DGA

Here is where I?d like some recommendations. I have these on hand to choose from. I was leaning towards adding in the LDG or Rad. Maybe both. I?ve used tbol (30mg a day) never tried dbol (only comfortable at 20mg a day). Probably NO on Anavar with goals I have.

Other relative info
-just did labs and everything great. Lipids completely repaired from last cycle.
-my lipid profile always takes a beating while on.
-never had liver enzyme issues even on the Tbol

What I have on hand to choose from.
Test 200mg/wk
NPP 300mg/wk
Deca 300 mg/week
LDG 10mg a day
RAD 20mg a day
Tbol 30mg a day
Dbol 20mg a day
Anavar 40mg a day


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i would get your body fat down a bit more before you start... i dont think bulking of any kind is the greatest idea at 16% body fat brother... maybe do a sarms cutting stack first, get down to 12-13 THEN do a recomp


I?ll sure try to get it down. It?s probably the most difficult thing about this life style.
Thanks Dylan.


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Once you are ready, I really like the layout. Depending on the ester of your test, go with either NPP or deca. With the SARMs, they are so versatile you can really add any of them to this cycle. I am a huge fan of tbol though so I would probably run long ester test, deca, and tbol to start.


Thanks Masonic for advice. I was pretty sure Dylan was gonna tell me to get my bf down which is always good advice.
My Test ester is Cyp and I do SubQ injections. I used Deca in the past when I was much less educated. I blew up like a water balloon.
When I used Deca I was 219lbs and ended up at 244lbs. Now I was stronger as ever but so water logged. I?m gonna try the NPP in hope the water will be less and my knowledge is better now. I do feel I?m sensitive to water retention. I studied/read RickRock log on Deca multiple times trying to learn how to keep nandrolones dry as possible

I?m wondering if this is to much

Test Cyp 200mg. 12 weeks
NPP 300mg. 12 weeks
RAD 20mg 12 weeks
LDG 10mg 12 weeks
DGA all in one. 12 weeks
AI E3D. 12 weeks

My gut says adding Tbol in weeks 1-4 is over kill. But maybe not


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thats definitely not too much... i dont really see the need for tbol here but you could definitely add another sarm instead which would be very optimal... yk11 would be fucking sweet in here...


Thanks Dylan. My knowledge on yk 11 is weak. I?ll do some reading. If you recommend a particular post or article on yk11 please let me know. I do some searching here on forum also.