Cutting cycle

Rafaat Dawood

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My name is rafaat
Weight 165 b
Lefting for 3y
This my 3 cycle
And my cycle will be 12 week
1:12 test sustanon ones every 5 days
1:12 masteron 200mg every other day
1:6 anavar 50mg every day
7:12 winstrol 40 every day
And my pct will be 6 weeks
Clomid the first 3week 50mg every day
Then drop the last 3 week to 25mg
Nolv the same
With Liver Protection from day one to the last day on pct
What What is your opinio????


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you want to stay on orals for 12 weeks straight... thats NOT good whatsoever... i would never recommend something like that... your body fat is not anywhere near the right condition to effectively use masteron either... i dont like this plan at all