Credit/Debit Card Processing Changes AND 25% OFF SALE!


Sadly, due to legalities, we have had to change the way we handle our credit and debit card payments. Pretty much every bank won't let us process payments the way a normal business would, so we had to offer another stable and reputable solution, and this is with MESH.
You might be asking, "What the hell is Mesh??" Let us explain and hopefully, you?ll understand it better.
First and foremost, MESH is SECURE.
It's an online financial platform for e-commerce purchases related to products like ours. It basically brings the Customer - You, and the Merchant (the middle man handling payment processing) inside the same financial institution to handle real-time payments that might not otherwise be able to be processed using credit or debit cards. Here are the steps that you only have to do once.
I know this may be a bit of a transition for some of you, and we are extremely apologetic, but the process isn't difficult; some of you already have a Mesh account set up so you will be all set to go.
This keeps everyone safe in the long run and we can continue providing all of our amazing customers the highest quality products in the industry. Just follow the prompts when you checkout using the MESH payment option.
Please accept a 25% site-wide discount during this transition

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Just used mesh to order 1 bottle of s4 for my new cycle and it worked quick and easy got receipts from both mesh and s4s confirming my purchase.
okay makes sense, i have not heard of MESH before but sounds super easy to use!

Yeah it's very quick its basically like a virtual bank account, I was able to add my card and funds from it to my mesh account, hit proceed and it checked me out on the website. Didnt take long at all.
Its definitely very easy and its far safer for everyone... The facts are that noone can hold any sort of payment processing selling sarms... you can go to any site and there's none that can accept credit cards... Mesh is the only way to process... the good thing is that its very very easy and its also very efficient... i love the change and that this is what is offered.. it still runs just like a credit card does... its all he same... its just a virtual type of credit card... its much easier and more efficient and much safer as well
I don't mind giving a phone number, but why last 4 of SSN? There must be another way for validation
Looks like you need a USA or Canadian phone number to get a mesh account!
Is there Any way I can pay from Australia anymore? I was about to make an order but it won?t let me make a mesh account.
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