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Our 12th anniversary is here, but the gift is for you.
We are re-designing everything, from our site to banners and logos.
Our company wouldn't have lasted 12 years without our friends and loyal customers and we need your help once again.
Simply create a new company slogan for us. Winner will earn $500 in store credit.

Rules are simple:

1 - Register/login on

2 - Submit your slogan* on the comment section here:

3 - Wait our team to review and approve it

4 - Wait for the announcement of winner on 15th of April 2020

5 - The last day when you can submit your slogan is 05th of April 2020

By the middle of April our team will choose the winner, who will receive $500 in store credit.

Our support line is open for any questions.

Show your creativity and be the proud author of Steroidify's official slogan!

Steroidify team.


*Slogan must consist of 5 words maximum, should not include any rude words or profanity. Every slogan posted will be reviewed by our team and will appear in the comment section upon approval.
Hello friends.

Team is a bit overwhelmed with quality and quantity of slogans and very likely won't achieve an agreement today. Sorry.

Will announce winner here in the next few days.


Due to the overwhelming number of great versions, hundreds actually, submitted by 2 members, we have decided to award them both with our $500 store credit prize.

One of the winners goes by "01dragonslayer" on several bodybuilding forums. Most of you probably know him.
Only info I have for second winner right now is his email address, which is j******3@*****.com

Winning slogan won't be yet announced as we are currently integrating it to our new logo and graphic upgrades and it will be soon released...

Thank you all for participating
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