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COVID-19 Shipping Update

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Thanks to our multiple warehouses across the world, we are still able to dispatch to all countries, however sudden changes may intervene at any time causing delays, like governmental restrictions, cancelling of airline flights, cargo disinfection or lack of logistic and handling personnel.

Our clever shopping cart system will warn you if a warehouse is currently on the lock down or can have delays. If you have already received a tracking code it means the package is no longer in our possession and same as you, we are at the mercy of couriers, airlines and logistics.

Please be aware as well that tracking statuses like "origin post preparing shipping" are extremely inaccurate and most of the times the package had already arrived in the destination country but has not been scanned yet. Once that happens it will be a matter of days until it gets into your possession.

Hypothetically, even if a package gets lost, misrouted, destroyed or seized, there are absolutely no reasons to worry as we obey the same old Policy that we have even since 2008, that being an instant Reship / Refund. There is no customer who has ever lost his funds with us and a testimony to that are thousands of reviews from dozens of Forums and Boards.

All our warehouses are big venues with professional and educated employees which were instructed to sanitize their work places and objects around. We kindly ask you to understand current shipping conditions, keep in touch with our support line and be patient as eventually all of the packs will be delivered.

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Currently we accept Bitcoin, Western Union and MoneyGram. Assuming you are familiar to our payment methods, all necessary payment details will be provided right after submitting your order. A confirmation mail with all necessary info will be sent as well.

Note: We do not accept credit/debit cards, PayPal or any other payment methods that aren?t mentioned above. No exceptions on this particular situation.

Hint: Start saving today. A 10% discount is applied for all orders paid with Bitcoin.

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PM ANY and ALL questions/concerns