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Compare and contrast of youtubers AAS information


Does anyone else enjoy comparing steriod information from different youtubers?
About 10 years ago i began to look a bit into steroid information. There wasnt nearly as much out there as there is now, and it wasnt as clear. Despite that i was able to gather enough information to have a basic idea of the concept. Shortly after that i was introduced to someone who was running cycles. And he sure looked like he knew what he was doing. He offered to sell me a cycle and get me started. I asked him some questions, and he told me he would get me on test, and deca. When i asked him about PCT he didnt know what it was and said i didnt need it. At that point i decided maybe i dont know what i am doing and i will just walk away from it for now, and wait tell i am in my mid 30s to revisit the idea.

Now a days there is a ton of info. Some if it is nightmarishly misleading and others seem to be quite helpful. When i started researching this time around i was very happy to see how many youtube channels are around to help. I first came across seth spartan, and watched a whole bunch of his videos tell i came across one tgat he said he doesnt PCT and just uses HCG while on cycle to keep test production. I had never heard of that before so i looked more into it and found out that it was garbage. So i continued the search.

After many hours of videos i came to find that the two most informative people are Dylan gemelli, and greg doucette. I will usually look something up by greg because his videos are a little more entertaining imo. And if it strikes my intrest i will look up what dylan says about it because he tends to to be more on the cautious side and more in depth about possible side effects.

So that's kinda my story on how i look up new information. I would be intrested to know all of your processes.


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The amount of misinformation spread about cycling on YouTube is mind boggling, and quite honestly frustrates me to no end. My education is in biochemistry and molecular biology, so my initial approach to learning about cycling was reading a lot of research papers for years before even deciding it was worth it. I eventually found forums like isarms with smart and helpful veterans who have lasted in this lifestyle a long time by doing things sanely and safely. The biggest early pick ups on the forums for me was really nailing down a robust PCT and how beneficial adding Proviron to a cycle is.


YouTube steroid Info that is not loaded with ridiculously bad ideas and opinions and methods is pretty hard to find. Even actual scientific studies are not quite going to give you the “truth” on how you will react to AAS. I dunno who Dan Dousche is but be very careful who you listen to. You sound wise enough to be cautious as should everyone be cautious when it comes to steroids. Any of the guys who don’t emphasize caution and safety in their advice, you should run as far away as you can.