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Clearing up acne from steroids


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Hi, I'm off my cycle and still have bad acne, I have been washing my face with special products but It's not doing much, are there any retinoids that you guys can advice me on ? also a friend of mine told me to take antibiotics, but they are hard to get without prescription, what can I do? thanks.


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You need to tan twice per week and hit the pool once per week too, that practice works well.


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Regarding your acne, you could use accutane, but it has serious side effects. Better try the following things first, as they are a well proven way of reducing acne in a safe manner:

1. Sun tanning (natural only)

2. Use anti-acne lotions after taking a shower. Take a shower at least twice per day.

3. Black ointment is extremely effecive at sucking the prinkles out, and they will never appear on the same spot. It smells a bit bad, but it is perfectly bearable to have it on your back for a couple of hours at home.

4. Zinc containing creams are very effective for drying the acne out.

5. After using one of the above mentioned creams, or both, put some coconut oil on your skin - it is extremely effective for skin repairing and recovery.

Try these tips first, and you will see how they help you. If not, consider using accutane at a lowe dosage, and then increase as needed.

I would be very cautious with antibiotics, as they can cause a lot of side effects and make your body vulnerable to infections.